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A Sister Concern of T&C Group Bangladesh



A subsector of T&C Trade International

It was established in 2001 as an indenting, exporter-importer and local supplier of commodity goods, specially coal as their primary commodity. A proud member of T&C Group.

T&C Trade International currently holds the utmost number of local clients in Bangladesh and has a representation of being the top coal indenter of Bangladesh providing quality coal with the best price and the finest specification.


A subsector of T&C Trade International

The company currently has stockpiles at many different local ports all around Bangladesh which are trading coal round the year to the local coal consumers such as Brick Manufacturing Industries, Steel Industries, Ceramic Industries etc.


A subsector of T&C Trade International

The company has the highest number of small consumers and commission sales agent around Bangladesh which in total consumes about 0.15 million metric tons of coal per month. T&C Trade International have already indented million tons of coal for many reputed importers in Bangladesh and have earned the deserving goodwill.


A subsector of T&C Trade International

The company has plans of finalizing the signing of being the authorized indenter of coal for the Government of Bangladesh to their upcoming thermal coal based power generating plants which will be needing incessant supply of coal round the year and T&C Trade International has the self-reliance of filling the need.


A subsector of T&C Trade International

T&C Trade International has made its mark in the market through indenting, importing and supplying coals from countries all over the world. In collaboration with miners from across the border and gaining their legal authorization as Mandate, the company has established itself as their local intender in Bangladesh. As of now the company continues to grow with its massive success in the indenting and import/export sectors, creating a unique network concerning other countries and proudly representing Bangladesh on an international platform.


ADB - Air-Dried Basis. In coal sample analysis, ADB neglects the presence of moistures other than inherent moisture while DB (dry-basis) leaves out all moistures, including surface moisture, inherent moisture, and other moistures.

ARB - As-Received Basis. In coal sample analysis, ARB puts all variables into consideration and uses the total weight as the basis of measurement. ARB is the most widely used basis in industrial applications.

Ash content (AC) - Ash content is the non-combustible residue that remains after coal is burnt. Ash reduces handling and burning capacity, affects combustion efficiency and boiler efficiency and therefore increases handling costs.

ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

GAR - Gross As Received. Thermal coal is quoted on a GAR basis, except for Europe/ARA, Richards Bay 6,000 kcal/kg, and Japan and Korea West CIF, which are quoted on a NAR (Net As Received) basis.

Fixed carbon (FC)  - Fixed carbon is the solid combustible residue that remains in the furnace after volatile matter is distilled off, comprised mostly of carbon but also containing some hydrogen, oxygen, sulphur and nitrogen not driven off with the gases. It provides a rough estimate of the heating value of coal.

HGI - The relative ease with which coal can be pulverized depends on the strength of the coal and is measured by the Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI). This empirical test indicates how difficult it would be to grind a specific coal to the particle size necessary for effective combustion in a pulverized coal fired boiler

Inherent moisture (IM) - Inherent moisture (or bed moisture) means moisture that exists as an integral part of the coal seam in its natural state, including water in pores, but excluding that present in macroscopically visible fractures. 

Total Sulphur (TS) - Sulphur content in coal presents problems with utilization and resultant pollution, as it causes corrosion and fouling of boiler tubes, and atmospheric pollution when released in flue gases. 

Total moisture (TM) - Total moisture in coal is represented by measuring weight loss from aggressive drying in an air atmosphere under rigidly controlled conditions of temperature, time and air flow. The presence of moisture is an important factor in both the storage and the utilization of coal, as it adds unnecessary weight during transportation, reduces the calorific value, and poses some handling problems.

Volatile matter (VM) - Volatile matter is the material that is driven off when coal is heated to 950 °C in the absence of air under specified conditions. It consists of a mixture of gases, low-boiling-point organic compounds that condense into oils upon cooling, and tars. In general, coals with high volatile-matter content ignite easily and are highly reactive in combustion applications.

Method of Working

There is an inquiry form for both Importer’s and Local Buyers. Please fill up the form with your requirements and our team will contact you within 2x24 Hours.

For Importer’s-

1.Buyer sends inquiry / Letter of Indent (LOI).

2.We issue a Full Corporate Offer (FCO).

3.Price and terms accepted by both parties (counter-sign FCO).

4.Buyer visits mine and takes sample for analysis.

5.After satisfied, opens Letter of Credit.

6.Inspected by buyer’s representative / analyzing team before loading.

7.Mother Vessel reaches the destination at the given time.


For Local consumers:-

1.Contact us for your nearest stockpile.

2.State your destination and required amount.

3.Price and specification confirmed by both parties.

4.Payment made either by cash/bank.

5.Cargo transported to the destination.

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